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faux fresco murals

Faux Fresco is a specialist decoration technique in which the muralist or decorative artist emulates the time worn feel of true fresco, in which pigments ground in water are applied to a wet lime plaster which on exposure to the atmosphere undergoes chemical change to lock the colours into the plaster surface. Works are carried out for both private and corporate clients.

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faux fresco murals technique

Faux fresco murals are usually undertaken in water based acrylics onto a slightly textured surface which when dry is then sympathetically distressed. The results, be it a plain wall or a complex mural, can form a beautiful combination of mellowed colours and gentle texture. The finish has a lightness and delicacy of feel, even when loaded with strong colour. Fake fresco murals as a form of specialist decoration usually take their inspiration from Antique examples in countries and civilizations which have used the real technique, (which is best suited to warm, dry weather conditions), such as the Italian Palladian villa or the ruins of Pompeii. There is, in common with true fresco, nothing to stop the rendition of highly contemporary designs being successfully executed by the muralist.

faux fresco murals variants

The basic technique when undertaken by the mural artist as a plain textured paint finish on a wall is redolent of an aged traditional lime wash with subtle variation and fading of earth colours. This is describable as a faux lime wash, a translation of the aged Italian or Provencal wall. It lends depth and texture to otherwise uninspiring walls. Contemporary faux fresco paint effects can use more intense colours and are not restricted to the palette of earth colours or lime safe colours. More traditional designs can be rendered using the faux fresco mural technique.