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paint effects courses

courses in paint effects, trompe l'oeil, faux marbling, wood graining and specialist paint finishes

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course outlines:

trompe l'oeil painting courses:

1. Initial Trompe L'oeil painting.
A course designed to create the trompe l'oeil effect in shallow relief in grisaille.

2. Advanced Trompe L'oeil painting.
Introducing the elements of colour and linear perspective.


marbling and wood graining Courses:

3. Initial Faux Marble and Wood graining.
A basic introduction to the rendition of marble and wood in paint. Woods to be covered will include birds eye maple and mahogany. Marbles to be covered will include Sienna and black and gold.

4. Advanced Faux Marble and Wood graining.
A more detailed excursion into wood graining and faux marble techniques covering the more exacting marble and wood representations with reference to traditional methods and the contemporary medium of acrylic.


paint effects and decorative finishes courses:

5. Initial Paint Effects and Decorative Finishes:
Learn: Dragging, Stippling, Ragging, Rag Rolling, crackle glaze and Colour Washing.

6. Advanced Paint Effects and Decorative paint finishes:
Multi Colour Washing, Mottled Colour washing, craquelure, antiqueing and distressing.

These out lines are provisional for the present time an update will be added shortly