trompe l'oeil murals and specialist decoration U.K.

contemporary specialist decoration

Contemporary specialist decoration techniques include those that have trended towards minimalism, been facilitated by modern paint technology, or are modern interpretations of traditional paint finishes. Thus we have subtly coloured and textured minimalist paint surfaces, bold metallic, pearlescent and mica paints, and accent colours with a chromatic intensity only achievable by the glaze techniques used in old master paintings.

specialist decoration images


modern paint trends

There are a huge variety of paint finishes and decorative paint effects to enhance the modern contemporary interior, whether minimalistic or not. The same decorative sensibilities apply to theses effects though the objectives may vary.

There has been a significant rise in the use of so called eco-friendly paints such as acrylics and low v.o.c. paints in part due to legislation and health and safety concerns. A return to more environmentally friendly products, and products contiguous with traditional build includes paints like lime wash, milk, linseed, and distemper. There are now large ranges of organic and eco friendly paints freely available.