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painted faux fresco

antique candelabrum painted in yellow and red fresco

decorative mural candelabrum design

The antique candelabrum design shown in this part of the mural was chosen to fit within the panel shape of a support buttress or half column. Sense can often be made of less attractive architectural elements by incorporating and using them to advantage as opposed to attempting to ignore them. This is the Judo of decorative mural painting. The image represents part of an extensive faux fresco mural scheme painted onto walls and ceilings and loosely inspired by mural work in Pompeii. Painted decorative murals can encompass many styles and idioms, and are a popular way of providing a highly individual and customized finish for rooms and through ways. The huge variety of choice within the genre can accommodate a multiplicity of briefs and design requirements. Decorative murals are commissioned in much the same way as paintings, and the muralist will usually give design advice and guidance as part of this process.