murals and specialist decoration









painted mural window view

painted mural window, veiw through stone arch onto bay of carthage

trompe l'oeil of the Bay of Carthage

The subject and the details of the painted mural had resonance for the commissioner of the work. The limited view points (the end wall of an entrance hall) enabled a fairly deep perspective for the trompe l'oeil work itself. The painted mural itself serves to both disguise what is in fact a jib door into another room and to enliven what would otherwise be a blank end wall directly confronting someone entering the hall from the front door. The fictive space of the painted mural was linked to the actual space by means of ashlar stone blocking specialist decoration which extended to cover the walls of the entrance hallway, stairs and stair well. The combining of decorative art and specialist decoration skills results in a harmony between the decoration and painted mural which lets the one flow in a seamless fashion into the other, producing an art work that is as much lived as viewed.

mural detail of fruit

mural detail fruits










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