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traditional broken colour scumbling

traditional specialist decoration broken colour scumbling

specialist decorators technique:broken colour

A considered colour series used in the paint effect to the wall compliments interior soft furnishings and art. Broken colour paint effects provide a strong sense of colour without the uniformity and heaviness of matt emulsions. That a powerful chroma can be introduced without yielding a sense of density is due to the refraction of light within the paint surface as opposed to refraction at the surface. A strongly coloured yet light and diaphanous effect can thereby be achieved. Broken colour scumbling work is an ideal decorative treatment for both the historic interior and the period interior. The use of the techniques in various forms has been employed in interior decoration for many centuries, and an authentic historic feel can be engendered by the use of these paint effects. The technique illustrated is achieved using the rag-rolling or ragging paint effect. ( Back to Decorative Paint Effects )