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painted murals on canvas

image of falcon a detail of a murals painted on canvas London

mural on canvas detail of bird of prey

We undertake commissions for mural works on canvas which can then be fixed on site. We also paint murals on site direct onto prepared surfaces. For more examples of our work many of which are on canvas visit our "Trompe L'oeil Murals" and "Grisaille Murals and Ornament" pages. We carry out commissions for murals world wide as well as in the United Kingdom. Our work is undertaken for interior design professionals, architects, and private and corporate clients. The painting of canvas murals and the subsequent installation of the work employing the marouflage method is a long established method of working which confers considerable time and convenience advantages over painting directly on site. This is of particular use in projects where the critical path is constrained. Murals can cover any theme and be coordinated with design schemes by working with samples of fabrics and materials. For accurate assessments of colour, tint and tone we work with returnable samples.
Hand painted murals on canvas can be exported worldwide.