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grisaille mural ornament

cherubs and accanthus leaves painted architectural plaster relief

painted architectural plaster relief

Painted grisaille of this type; a trompe l'oeil representation of plaster work, produce a sense of opulence and refinement. Entire walls or ceilings may be treated as murals representing figurative or architectural plaster relief work.The Grisaille mural has an understated and receding quality which readily accommodates itself to either intimate or large expanses of wall or ceiling without becoming too heavy or feeling too busy. Architectural mural ornamentation painted in whites and greys are often tinted in the direction of a particular hue or colour, and the grisaille mural will accommodate various colours from cool to warm tones depending upon the requirements of a particular brief. In a similar way the degree of distinction between the lights and the darks of the work can be altered to create something relatively sudden or something more understated. The general tonal values of the grisaille mural or architectural mural can be altered depending upon the requirement of a particular space. This style of painting has been in continual use since the time of Mantegna in the early Renaissance and continues to be popular as a decorative treatment to this day.
Commissioning a mural is similar to commissioning a painting and the muralist will be able to offer design advice and guidance.