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wood graining burr walnut

wood graining paint effect swirly burr walnut

burr walnut paint effect

The use of wood graining paint effects to simulate the appearance of fine and expensive timbers is a traditional technique that has been in use for several centuries. Burr walnut is one of a range of figured grains this tree produces which include; crotch, stripes, wavy figures and mottles. These figures are all replicable by the specialist decorator using the traditional methods of the wood graining paint effect. The Walnut species has been used extensively since ancient times and its use in continental Europe has been prevalent since the earliest influences of the Renaissance. In England the use comes mainly after the Restoration, and the reign of Queen Anne is the Age of Walnut. The use of walnut held sway until the fashion turned to Mahogany from the 1730's. Walnut is a popular choice for the wood graining of doors and joinery. The natural material comes in a variety of tones and hues which are all reproducible with a graining paint effects.