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graining wood pine panel

graining wood to imitate antique Georgian Pine in a trompe l'oeil panel using a paint effect

Georgian pine trompe l'oeil panel

Pine woods imported from the Baltic area of Europe in the Georgian, and early Victorian Periods were, by comparison to today's timbers of high quality, coming from slow growing mature trees and having a corresponding density in the heart wood and side grain. It is in general these antique timbers which exhibit attractive qualities which the grainer is asked to imitate using paint effects. In this panel the bollection moulding was grained as a separate element along with the panel, styles and rails. The bollection and panel overall were painted in trompe l'oeil. (see detail below)


trompe l'oeil antique pine panel detail

detail veiw of antique Georgian pine wood graining and trompe l'oeil panel