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ceiling mural on canvas

painted red ribbon tied in a bow to fruit festoon

painted architecture, fruit festoon and ribbon.

We undertake commissions for painted murals on canvas and then fix on site, or we paint murals direct onto surfaces. For more examples of our work visit our " Trompe L'oeil Murals " and "Grisaille Murals and Painted Ornament" pages. We undertake painted on canvas commissions world wide and across the U.K. Our work is undertaken for interior design professionals, architects, and private and corporate clients. The painting of murals on canvas and the subsequent installation of the work using the technique of marouflage is a traditional method of working which offers considerable advantages over painting directly on site. Murals on canvas can cover any theme and can be coordinated with design schemes by the provision of non returnable samples though we prefer to work with returnable samples for accurate assessments of colour and tone. Hand painted murals on canvas can be exported worldwide and can cover any subject matter, theme or decorative period. Work undertaken in studio is usually progress monitored by means of images.((back to Grisaille Murals and Ornamentation main page))