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mural ornament

painted green acanthus leaves and pink flowers in panel

renaissance theme mural motif

This entrance hall had two double and two single doors with this lunette style space above them. This ornamental mural embellishment was designed to give the space more impact and make it personal, with flower species significant to the owner. The mural was first painted in full colour and then knocked back with successive semi-opaque glazes to soften the effect and produce a powdery or chalky feel not unlike distemper or lime wash. Ornament can enhance, enliven and personalize an otherwise uninspiring surface area. Ornamental mural work on a large scale can be carried out by means of hand embellished stencils which provide uniformity and also speed up the application of the decorative mural. Commission for interior designer London UK.((back to Grisaille Murals and Ornamentation main page))