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baroque style painted ceiling

painted mural of blue sky, architecture and cherubs

trompe l'oeil sky mural in baroque style

This hand painted mural was designed for a small lobby with a disproportionately high ceiling relative to the room size. The mural served to enliven the space whilst reducing the perceived height of the ceiling overall, improving the proportions of the space.
The monochromatic grisaille palette of the hand painted trompe l'oeil architecture, or quadratura, sets off the bold colours of the festoons, which act as a framing device for the painted sky ceiling. The mural was worked on canvas and stuck to the ceiling using a process called marouflage in which a mural on canvas is stuck directly to the ceiling or wall using glues and rollers. This saves both time and costs when working on large scale or ornate projects especially for ceiling murals. The hand painted mural enables a multiplicity of choice options so that something original and uniquely befitting the space can be created.
Private client work London U.K.